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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
src/buffer.h [code]Public buffer API
src/buffer_action.c [code]Buffer actions implementation
src/buffer_action.h [code]Buffer actions API
src/buffer_action_edit.c [code]
src/buffer_action_edit.h [code]Buffer edit actions implementation
src/buffer_action_internal.h [code]Buffer actions internal API
src/buffer_edit.c [code]Buffer edit operations
src/buffer_event.h [code]Buffer events
src/buffer_file.c [code]Buffer file operations
src/buffer_info.c [code]Buffer info operations
src/buffer_internal.h [code]
src/buffer_options.h [code]Buffer options
src/buffer_source.c [code]Buffer source implementation
src/buffer_source.h [code]Buffer source API
src/buffer_undo.c [code]Buffer undo operations
src/buffer_util.c [code]Implementation of utility function used by bless_buffer_t
src/buffer_util.h [code]Utility function used by bless_buffer_t
src/data_object.c [code]Implementation of the base data_object_t ADT and interface mechanism
src/data_object.h [code]Data object ADT API
src/data_object_file.c [code]Implementation of the file data_object_t
src/data_object_file.h [code]Definitions of constructor functions for the file data_object_t
src/data_object_internal.h [code]Definitions for internal use by the data_object_t implementations
src/data_object_memory.c [code]Implementation of the memory data_object_t
src/data_object_memory.h [code]Definitions of constructor functions for the memory data_object_t
src/debug.h [code]
src/disjoint_set.c [code]Disjoint-set implementation
src/disjoint_set.h [code]Disjoint-set API
src/list.c [code]List implementation
src/list.h [code]List API
src/overlap_graph.c [code]Overlap graph implementation
src/overlap_graph.h [code]Overlap graph API
src/priority_queue.c [code]Priority queue implementation
src/priority_queue.h [code]Priority queue API
src/segcol.c [code]Segment Collection implementation
src/segcol.h [code]Segment Collection ADT
src/segcol_internal.h [code]Segcol definitions for internal use
src/segcol_list.c [code]List implementation of segcol_t
src/segcol_list.h [code]Definition of constructor function for the list implementation of segcol_t
src/segment.c [code]Segment implementation
src/segment.h [code]Segment
src/type_limits.h [code]Macros to get the limits of types
src/util.c [code]Implementation of utility functions used by libbls
src/util.h [code]Utility functions and macros used by libbls

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