Community and support for libbls


libbls is an Open Source project and relies on voluntary contributions. Everyone is invited to help project development. Assist on one of the current tasks or propose a new feature.

Bug reporting

Although libbls is a Bug Free(TM) project, you may find some rather "strange" features here. You are welcome to "refactor" them.

Mailing lists

Launchpad kindly provides us, amongst tons of other things, a playground for brainstorming, a hub for ideas exchange and a tool to make sure that if you are using libbls, you are not alone. Please feel free to join us at users and developers mailing lists


libbls is the brainchild of Alexandros Frantzis and Michael Iatrou. Between them more than 20 years of software engineering expertise. Nothing but perfection is in their agenda. libbls is their "thank you" note to the Open Source community, which they illimitably respect and enjoy. Join them for a dazzling ride in hi-end software development.


We really enjoy to receive implementations of cool new features in our mailbox. Contributions to documentation and translations are always welcome. Recommendations for alternative algorithms and optimizations are definitely helpful. Stopping by our mailing lists just to say "So long and thanks for the lib!" would be fun. If you have found libbls useful, used it and became millionaire, you may also consider making a Paypal donation: