Discover libbls 0.3!

2009-11-15: A new version of libbls is available! Get it now!

What is libbls?

libbls is a highly efficient, flexible and robust data manipulation library in the form of an editable buffer.

So, what is an editable buffer?

An editable buffer is a data structure which stores data and allows for efficient insert, replace, delete, copy, multiple undo and redo editing operations. libbls does all these in a fast and memory efficient manner, combining data from both memory and arbitrary sized chunks from files.

A simple, intuitive and yet powerful API provides the infrastructure needed to develop scalable applications that handle large volumes of data.

Although libbls isn't targeted to a specific application, it is particularly useful for binary file editing, audio/video processing applications, etc.

libbls is under development. However, its main features are stable, so don't hesitate to try it out and tell us what you think.

libbls is distributed under the LGPL version 3 license.